Ana's Feature Presentations


Sustainable & Mindful Exercise

An educational and interactive workshop based on a safe, effective and mindful method of exercise. Attendees will learn:

• How to exercise less and
   burn more fat
• Mindfulness & Fitness
• Build strength & Power from the
   comfort of their home

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The Truth About Your Metabolism

Learn how your metabolism really works. This presentation will be followed by a 21-Day Cleanse. Here are some of the benefits of the presentation and the cleanse:

• Create awareness of
   unconscious habits
• Make better food choices
   that fit your lifestyle
• Feel leaner, lighter
   & stronger

• Reduce inflammation
• Fat loss
• Create a new lifestyle
• People will tell you this is
   the healthiest & leanest you've
   ever looked!

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Movement Creation Workshop

A dance workshop for non-dancers. Our Movement Workshop will:

• Assist you in discovering
   your inner dance moves

• Show you how to create
   consciously from your heart
   & soul
• Help you express & release your
   feelings through movement

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Ana Energizing her Audience

Ana leading a short exercise to get participants moving and energized!