I absolutely love my Skype personal training sessions with Ana! Before working with her, I had been putting off having a personal trainer because I just couldn't fit in another thing in my busy schedule of running a business and being a mom to an 8 year-old. When I learned she was doing Skype sessions, I knew this was the answer for me getting in my weekly training. Now I can stay healthy and fit and benefit from her expert guidance--without leaving my home. Thank you Ana!!

- Rebecca


Ana’s expertise in her “Super Slow” strength training technique is truly unique and highly effective.  As an avid swimmer I would force myself to go to the gym for about an hour twice per week to strengthen my muscles, especially my shoulders to support my swimming.  I’ve gotten better results using her technique only seeing her once per week for 25-30 minutes.  That is half the frequency of getting to the gym and 75% less time spent with better results!  I was skeptical at first, because it sounded too good to be true.  If you are thinking the same thing, try it out for yourself!

- Stephen

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Ana is my first experience with a personal trainer and Volar, to take flight, truly says it all. She has shown me what I am made of and how to let go and fly, embracing my body as it transforms … and reveling in the feel good pain of working it, knowing it truly is about flying high!

– Olga

I am getting fit and it is thanks to Ana Nieto's slow work outs. I am 60 years young but due to several structural issues and surgeries I had not been able to work out effectively for several years. I was in fear of being injured and unsure how to begin. With Ana coaching me I am improving muscle tone and strength without injury!! I enjoy my workouts."

- Shawna

Ana brought my body back at a record time after my second baby. It took me a year and half to get my body back after the first one. The second time around, I worked with Ana and it took me less than six months! Her work is pretty phenomenal. Her approach will kick you in the you know what and it is super time effective (very important to me). She is so much fun to work with and has the best ethics. I highly recommend her!

- Josee


I started with Ana earlier this year in the Super Slow weight training. I never dreamed 30 minutes twice a week would bring me to the level of strength and fitness I have attained under her guidance. I'll be 60 this year and feel as strong or stronger than I did when I was ten years younger. Thank you for your encouragement and overall guidance in health, strength and nutrition. Ana is such a special person!"

- Mary

I appreciate your quiet accepting support for wherever my abilities are at the moment.

I can tell you take your role of helping people seriously. Thank you!

- Feedback received from clients' survey

I admit I was reluctant to begin with the program at first because it was an entirely new thing for me. After just one session I felt exactly the opposite!  Ana watches what I do carefully and tells me what I need to do to help myself improve and to get the most out of each part of the routine. Feeling stronger and experiencing the positive effects for my body and mind are what I've needed for a long time! I so appreciate Ana's style of coaching and the way she is steadily helping me improve."

- Mary