Online Group Classes

Group classes are 45 minute session.
Here are the benefits you will gain from my online group classes:

  • Discover how to exercise less and burn more fat

  • Master movements you can incorporate at home or at work

  • Build strength & power from the comfort of your home

  • Learn movements that shrink waistlines

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After several classes with Ana in our local gym, my husband and I were hooked on working with Ana but our paths were going to be on opposite sides of the continent. What do to for our exercise fix? - Have Ana on Skype! Now, you might be skeptical about doing personal training without machines or the trainer. We are writing to debunk those worries, quite the contrary.

Ana handily directed each of us through skill appropriate challenges. She not only kept both of us busy, but also meticulously adjusted our postures as needed, all while relying on hand weights and body position instead of machines.

I have felt more thoroughly worked from Ana's Skype sessions with free weights, than her gym session.  However, in truth, Ana points out that if I spent more time in the gym fine tuning weights on machines, I would be feeling the same degree of exhaustion and exhilaration.

To sum up the effectiveness and ease of training with Ana on Skype, we give her a hearty overall "10."

- Dorothy & Michael