VOLAR Clients - $247

I offer a 21-Day Cleanse 3 times a year:  January, May and October. Some benefits you can experience after the cleanse are: 

  • Awareness of unconscious habits

  • Learn to make better food choices that fit your lifestyle

  • Feel leaner, lighter & stronger

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Fat loss

  • Create a new lifestyle

  • People will tell you this is the healthiest and leanest you've ever looked!

Ana Nieto appeared in my life as a fitness coach back in 2008. For years I had been reluctant to do detox programs, as I didn't believe in all their miraculous results. This year I decided to give Ana's 21-day cleanse a try, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results!  First of all, she takes you by the hand each day and totally motivates you to continue. After a few days, I felt so energized and clean, and I didn't even miss my old eating habits. 
"This detox is not about weight loss; it's about resetting your body and learning to make better decisions when it comes to food. It absolutely neutralized my cravings and brought my mind to clarity! And guess what? When you finish the 21 days you feel so good you want to continue eating this way! I highly recommended it, and it's so worth its value! Ana is born with a mission to keep people healthier, and she is committed to her clients. She is dedicated, devoted and one of a kind! I'm blessed to have her in my path!"

- Bisila

I know Ana as my personal trainer for many years. She has helped me through many weight and health ups and downs, including two pregnancies. This year after the Xmas holidays not only did I gain weight, but my face was bloated and felt "saturated" and unhealthy overall. I had gone back to my usual exercise routine but felt the same... I decided it was the right time to do a detox plan with Ana. She told me about her 21-day program and decided to do it with two other friends. 
"I must say I am delighted to have gone through the whole process... my skin is definitely brighter and looks cleaner... my clothes fit me better and I feel lighter, stronger and healthier... more in tune with myself and alert to my environment. The best for me was that Ana's plan was not difficult at all to implement on a day-to-day basis... doing some basic food substitutions and with her guidance it actually turned out to be very manageable and doable... I found that surprising as I had done plenty of detox plans in the past with mixed results, but they all had in common that they were challenging to incorporate into my lifestyle. 
"Ana has been such an inspiration throughout the whole process to the point that I am considering adopting her eating plan in a light version into my lifestyle. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for guidance to jump-start into a healthier self."

- Belen